Metal Hammer UK – October 2019
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IT’S HARD TO believe that it’s already been five years since I first alerted my Metal Hammer colleagues to a truly bizarre new metal video that was racking up millions of views on YouTube. I was Online Editor at the time; I can safely say that it was the most unexpected phenomenon I’d stumbled across during my time at the mag, and I’m not convinced anything has come close to it since. Within a year, we became the first European magazine to put Babymetal on the cover, and we haven’t looked back – and neither have they.
Anyone who caught them smashing Brixton Academy or putting smiles on faces at Glastonbury back in the summer knows that Babymetal remain metal’s most wholesome experience, and as they prepare to unleash their brand new album onto an unsuspecting world, we’re honoured to continue the tradition of being the very first on the scene to find out how life inside the Babymetal camp is going, and what we can expect from that bound-to-be-bonkers record.
If Babymetal aren’t your bag, that’s cool: you can check out our emotional interview with Jonathan Davis as he channels his grief into a dark and devastating new Korn album, or help us count down the 25 greatest power metal albums ever, or see if you can outdo Steel Panther on our ultimate heavy metal pub quiz. Dig in.

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