Metal Hammer UK – April 2022
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NOT CHAPTER V as in their YouTube series – I think they’re on around Chapter 10 or so now. But this is album five. Although it’s Papa Emeritus IV, not V, because before him there was Cardinal Copia, who wasn’t an official Papa but now is an—look, the world of Ghost can be a little layered, alright?! What we do know is this: there is a new Ghost album, Impera, and with it a whole new evolution in their brilliant, ever-more-ludicrous story.
We go quite far back with Tobias Forge and his motley crew, don’tcha know, so we got our scoop on and snuck over to the USA to get you the first full look inside album number five, and the spectacular, bells-and-fucking-whistles new stage show that’s coming with it. It’s a vitally important time for Ghost – Prequelle elevated them to arenas around the world,
brought more breakout singles, landed a tour support with Metallica and, most importantly of all, reminded us why saxophones are totally badass. Impera has a lot to live up to, then, so we should probably get cracking.
Enjoy the issue, friends.

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