Men’s Health Australia – March 2023
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Ending Age-Old Myths TIMES CHANGE, we all know that. Fifteen years ago, it would have been inconceivable to have a 50-year-old on the cover of Men’s Health. Indeed, I recall back in 2010, an ex-AFL player named Kym Koster took out our second annual Men’s Health Australia Magazine Man Award at the then seemingly ancient age of 37. We made a big song and dance about it, too. “Get Ripped At 37!” screamed our coverline.
Now, though, we’ve had two 50-year-olds on the cover in the space of five months – The Rock back in November and this month’s cover guy, singer Pete Murray (p.68). With The Rock, no one really blinked. Everyone knows the hardest working man in Hollywood has a body that appears to bulldoze through concepts such as wear and tear and aging – though, as a look at Arnie these days will tell you, Father Time remains undefeated.
But Pete Murray, that’s different, isn’t it? Murray is the quintessential Aussie bloke. The type of guy who 50 years ago you can bet would have greeted his half century with a beer and a ciggie, most likely proudly showing off his beer belly.
But while Murray’s face, in its sheer throwback ‘Aussieness’, may look like it was hewn from river gum before being fired in a Kalgoorlie kiln (Adam Gilchrist’s face was made in the same place) his body recalls something equally redolent – a 30-year-old’s body. But not Pete Murray’s 30-year-old body. No, the one he worked tirelessly over 12 weeks to sculpt with rapid-transformation coaches Chief Brabon and Emilie Brabon-Hames, is actually better than the one Murray possessed as a 30-year-old. How can that be? What is going on here?
The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that 50 is the new 30. It’s a nice line but a more truthful one is this: Fit is the New 50 . . . if you want it to be. And if, like Murray, you’re willing to do the work and make the sacrifices required to achieve it. Why would you want to do that? Well, not only does it allow you to be smug at high-school reunions (my 30th is this year – I have some work to do), it also sets you up for a more adventurous, more rewarding, hopefully healthier and, likely, a more fun time on life’s back nine. Because, who knows, perhaps one day we will have a 70- or 80-yearold on our cover. And just maybe, that guy won’t be The Rock.

Ben Jhoty
[email protected]

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