Men’s Health Australia – June 2019
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Just three days before this issue was due at the printers, our principles as guardians of health were put to the test when our planned cover guy openly, honestly – and some might say bravely – admitted to using steroids to excel in his sport. The revelation, combined with what was to have been his prominent role in this issue, forced us to reflect on what Men’s Health Australia magazine values are in 2019. Could we stand by our would-be cover guy in light of such an admission? Should we?
For us, it was a no-brainer. Call us naive, but we could not bestow the honour of anMHcover on someone who had used drugs to chase his goals when there are somany shining embodiments of our values out there doing their thing.With no time to waste, the search for such aman was mercifully simple, with one name standing out above the rest: your June cover guy, Ross Edgley.
Edgley’s holistic and inspirational approach to health and decency is everything that we’re about. Amodern philosopher of fitness, Edgley’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of human endeavour is exactly what we need in these mixed-up times. When I spoke to Edgley back in February following his celebrated, 2884kmswim around theUK, he lamented how he “would never be on
the cover of amagazine” because his body was built for performance rather than aesthetics. I promised himone day he would be, assuring him there was no one more deserving given his commitment to bettering the world and unmatched athletic feats (p.24). This month, I’mthrilled to honour that promise.
AsMark Twain said, “It’s never wrong to do the right thing” – and in this case the result is a standoutMHissue. In recent weeks, the agility of theMHteamwas tested not only
within the walls of MHHQ, but further afield. In fact, we’ve scoured the globe this month to bring you the latest and greatest in health. To kick off this travel-heavy issue, the entireMHcrew hopped aboard a Jetstar flight to Hawaii for our very own ‘workation’ (p.57) – a quest for heightened mental clarity and productivity, and, of course, improved surf skills. Inspired by the experience, a focus on European style (p.61), stories of Icelandic heroism (p.102) and a road trip with an Aussie icon (p.52) all ensued. And if this burst of travel-inspired content inspires you to pack up and take off, then mission accomplished. According to the Global Commission on Ageing, men who fail to take annual holidays have a 20 per cent higher risk of death and a 30 per cent higher risk of heart disease. Given those stats, hopefully you’re reading this issue aboard a plane en route to your next – and greatest – adventure.