Men’s Fitness UK – June 2019
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I used to runmost days, motivated bymiles moved, times clocked and shaving seconds offmy PBs. NowI’m less driven by fat loss and faster times – the first of those I get in theweights room, and the second is diminished by higher priorities – but I still run a couple of times aweek, mainly for the mental health benefits it brings. Aswe reveal in this special issue, running outside is one of the bestways to boost energy levels and lower feelings of anger and anxiety (p11). And the best bit? All you need is a pair of trainers to get going.We round up the best newshoes (p17) and examine the science behind what makes themgreat (p26). We also reviewthe latest sports headphones to soundtrack your two-footed travels (p20) and explain howto take your running off-road for a real outdoor adventure (p32). Enjoy Men’s Fitness UK magazine pdf issue.