Men’s Fitness UK – April 2023
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Welcome at Men’s Fitness UK Magazine April 2023 issue

For every one runner who makes it past the initial discomfort, there’s another who decides it’s not for them: dismissing it as being either too boring or too hard. There are also those put off not by experiences, but assumptions: if it’s not bad for your knees, it’s bad for your hard-earned muscles – after all, you need to be stick-thin to be any good at it.
If you’re in the latter group, hopefully this issue goes some way to convincing you that running is well worth the perseverance. And if you’re already a convert, you’ll find plenty to help you push performance to new heights.
Elsewhere, elite HYROX athletes reveal their best advice for building the functional strength and aerobic engine required to race well, turn to the Fuel section for protein-packed recipes to recover right between sessions, and Trainer for ‘descending workouts’ to help you build muscle and burn fat.

Isaac Williams, Editor
[email protected]

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