Macworld USA – July 2019
English | 113 pages | pdf | 34.86 MB

Inside magazine you will find :

Processors upgraded in MacBook Pro 7
Apple improves butterfly keyboard 9
iFixit tears down the new MacBook Pro 10
What Intel’s latest roadmap updates
mean 12
MacUser Reviews 19
Hot Stuff 27
9 Control Center shortcuts for iPhone 31
Apple’s ‘courage’ to remove the headphone
jack has created a brave new world 34
Apple should bring back the iPhone SE 38
3 easy ways to create an animated GIF on
your iPhone 41
iOS Central Reviews 47
Great iOS games from the past month 56
6 powerful Mac utilities 77
How to find out if your Mac’s software is
32- or 64-bit 82
Is your router’s Wi-Fi working but ethernet
has gone bad? 85
Convert vector artwork into different
formats 87
Apple’s surprise iPod touch refresh 91
How to change your music files’
metadata 93
Periodic Audio Nickel headphone amp
review 95
Nuheara IQbuds Boost true wireless
earphones review 101
Mac 911: How to fix a grayed-out Safari home
page preference, three ways to add an address 107

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