MacLife UK – June 2020
English | 105 pages | pdf | 55.37 MB

As you may recall from the last issue of MacLife UK Magazine, I’ve had to make a few changes around here to keep the magazine in a strong position during these particularly difficult times. Having to take away pages from the people that keep supporting us is something I thought
I would never have to do during my tenure, and it greatly saddens me to have to give you less when the entry fee for reading remains exactly the same.
But I’ve been working hard to maintain standards around these parts, so you’ll be pleased to hear that, although we can’t print as many pages as before (for the next couple of issues, anyway), content is as good as ever — in fact, I’d go as far as saying we’ve got even more to offer you than usual. At the end of the magazine you’ll find a mini magazine: Key Moments in Apple History; you can also download it too, if you prefer. Within you’ll discover the key moments in
Apple’s fascinating history. You may know some of these already, but others you may not. Either way, it’s a great read, and looks gorgeous on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
As for the rest of this issue, well, it’s another good one. While you’re stuck at home, now is as good a time as any to dust off that old photo collection and give it a lick of paint, and you can find out how to do this on page 12. Then there’s the incredible roundup of apps (p28), some (or all) of which you may not have heard of, but will be invaluable to you. See you all next time and stay safe.


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