Linux Format UK – March 2022
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I have no idea what you get up to online and you know what, I don’t want to know. You know who does? Pretty much every government and corporation in the world.
This wasn’t supposed to be a paranoia-fuelled introduction and it isn’t. The hard facts are Google, Facebook, Twitter et al. openly do their utmost to track your online
(and real world) movements to the nth degree. Turning to nation states, China openly monitors and restricts its own citizens to a drastic level (so imagine what it’s happy to do
with you) and it’s well documented the Five+ Eyes intelligence alliance (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other buddies) monitor each other’s citizens and then share the data back, so no pesky local laws manage to get in the way.
At this point that’s almost unforgivable background noise, to the point that using a VPN for many has become second nature, but do they actually work? We’ve roused Jonni out of his winter hibernation to delve into the murky world of VPNs, contrast that to using Tor, how businesses use them and how to create your own.
Outside of hiding your tracks online we’re still running plenty of fun Linux projects that you to try. There’s building a timeline, reviving the interesting classic MSX system, to exploring the Linux From Scratch project and coding your very own DropBox client and much more besides, so enjoy!

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