Landscape UK – October 2023
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Welcome at Landscape UK Magazine October 2023 Issue

Dear reader…
EVEN WHEN I’M immersed in the comings and goings of daily life, I always try to pause each day for a walk. It’s my way of taking time to notice the changes in nature and the pace of the seasons. Sometimes, it might only be a saunter to the shop for a loaf or to post a letter. Another day, it will be a few miles in the countryside or along the riverbank. No matter the distance, there is always something to catch my eye; from a wagtail bobbing along the path outside the post office to a hare chasing in circles around the ploughed fields.
There are two things I always have in my pocket: a notebook and a propelling pencil, with its little tube of spare leads. I’ve always been a note maker. I love to write down my thoughts or record things I’ve seen – not always as words, but little pictures too. I might include a fallen leaf – its red and gold autumn coat willing me to pick it up – or make a rough sketch of the swans skimming across the lake.
Sometimes, on my way home, I’ll sit on a bench in the shadow of my favourite willow tree and flick through its pages, smiling to myself at the mixture of scrappy drawings; carefully timed and dated observations; and even the odd shopping list. It’s like creating my own personal almanac: my story of the seasons as I view them.

Rachel Hawkins

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