Landscape UK – July 2023
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Welcome at Landscape UK Magazine July 2023 Issue

WITH SUMMER HOLIDAYS on my mind, I’ve been thinking about places I’ve visited before. My most cherished holiday memories are often linked to the natural world and spectacles
I’ve seen, such as dolphins, ospreys or red deer – all creatures whose behaviour or stature took my breath away. But it’s the sight of one little bird that holds a special place in my heart.
The first time I saw one, I was on a boat trip to the Farne Islands in Northumberland. As we approached, my gaze was fixed on the craggy shapes of the islands, but as I scanned the shoreline, I caught sight of something to the side of me. Turning, I realised that there was a puffin, flying level with my eyeline and so close to the boat I could have almost reached out to it. The sight of its features, in striking monochrome, with red beak and such sad-looking eyes, filled me with joy.
Once we alighted, I was mesmerised by their antics and spent my entire time on the island watching them. They were so comical – clumsily landing with beaks full of eels; popping in and out of their burrows, and staggering about, and even tripping at times. All the while, they chattered in a mixture of honks and creaks, the like of which I’d never heard. I was utterly charmed.
So, while I consider new places I could travel to and fresh sights to enjoy, I wonder if, this summer, I might go back and talk to the puffins one more time.
Rachel Hawkins

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