Landscape Architecture Australia – February 2023
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The first issue of Landscape Architecture Australia Magazine for 2023 has landed – and we’re excited for you to read it.
In February of last year, Jillian Walliss and Heike Rahmann contacted us to discuss the possibility of a themed issue of Landscape Architecture Australia that unpacked the challenges and opportunities of authorship in relation to landscape architecture. Jillian is an associate professor at the University of Melbourne and Heike is a senior lecturer at RMIT University. Together, they guest-edited the February 2018 issue of the magazine, which examined the exchange of ideas between Australia and Asia.
When they pitched this proposal to us, we were enthusiastic. Working in design publishing as the editor of a landscape architecture magazine, I often feel the pressure of trying to obtain greater recognition for landscape architecture work.
In the world of design media, landscape architecture-oriented publishing occupies only a very small niche in an environment heavily dominated by architecture and other larger design disciplines. As Jillian and Heike continued to commission articles and the content of the issue steadily evolved, my view of authorship and its ramifications for how we operate as landscape architects expanded considerably.
This resulting edition is rich with ideas and perspectives on issues that have the potential to profoundly influence how we understand and position ourselves as designers.
The articles collected here present a critical account of many key issues concerning design and authorship amid evolving technologies, laws, attitudes to nature, the effects of time, and collaborations with other disciplines and non-human entities.
Importantly, as the guest editors note in their introduction on page 10: “all landscape architecture is co-authored with the natural world and is continually shaped by cultural forces.” Many thanks to Jillian and Heike for their commitment to exploring this topic.
I also extend my appreciation to the issue’s collaborating contributors for their keen insights and deep knowledge of this area.
In other news, we recently announced the winners of the 2022 Landscape Student Prize – a difficult decision. As with last year, it was the determination of the jury to award two entries, which explore very different ends of the spectrum of landscape architecture practice, the title of joint-winner. Interviews with the designers of each of these projects will be featured on our website in upcoming weeks.
– Emily Wong, editor

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