Land Rover Monthly – October 2023
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Welcome at Land Rover Monthly Magazine October 2023 Issue

know what you’re thinking – I normally grace this Welcome page with a happy, smiling face, and this month I look a bit glum. Well, I don’t feel glum now, but I did the other day when I reluctantly let my Range Rover Classic go. After buying it with the very best of intentions, I assessed it again myself, and had two of my bodywork-savvy pals look over it, and the unfortunate reality is that I’d bitten off far more than I could chew. The Range Rover took up the only useable space in my rented workshop and, with all the other exciting Land Rover stuff I get up to, I just don’t have the time to make meaningful progress on such a massive undertaking. Thankfully it’s gone to a good home – the home of Land Rover Monthly Magazine contributor, Tim Hammond, in fact. With the Classic rolled out and its rusty deposits swept up, it’ll give me the chance to get on with making some upgrades to my Series III, and sorting out the niggly jobs I’ve been putting off on the Freelander, so some good has come of it. Seemingly, I’m not the only one to have struggled with a rusty Range Rover, as you’ll see in this month’s Norfolk Garage on page 30. And that’s just the start of the Land Rover goodness you will find in this issue of LRM; there’s a brace of very different but equally cool Defender 130s, a deep-dive into the origins of the V8 Land Rovers, an amazing school project in the Czech Republic and heaps of techy stuff to get your teeth into.
There’s more excitement as the next edition of our ever-popular Land Rover, 4×4 and Vintage Spares Days approaches, this time our brand-new Rutland event on 3 September. These Spares Days aren’t just ideal for selling Land Rover bits you no longer need and buying new ones to fill the space you freed up, but you’ll meet loads of like-minded folk and there are Land
Rovers galore to look at – it’s a win-win!

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