Krash – June 2022
English | 70 pages | pdf | 38.14 MB

Hey KRASH Heads, Ash here. Welcome to our epic Krash magazine June 2022 issue. Sorry you’re back at school after the Easter break, but hopefully KRASH can take away some of the pain. That’s why we make it small enough to sneak into your school bag! This issue we give away some awesome prizes, including some Dr Strange In the Multiverse of Madness prizes and two PS5s
thanks to Gran Turismo 7. We also check out the WWE, some new wheels, throw in some sick posters, try a brand-new skate trick, do some fun puzzles and heaps more. And don’t forget
we have the coolest comics in the world: Spider-Man! There’s only one mag you EVER need.
Enjoy, KRASH Magazine Heads!

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