International Traveller – June 01, 2023
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Welcome at International Traveller Magazine June 01, 2023

Cruising is having a moment. It’s the fastest-growing segment of the tourism industry, and 31.5 million people forecast to cruise in 2023 can’t be wrong. Committed cruisers know the allure. They also know what types of cruises – ocean, river, expedition, luxury? – are right for them.
But maybe you’re one of the sceptics who vow never to step on a cruise ship? Certainly, the headlines during the pandemic years would have done nothing to disavow you of your conviction. But the industry has shaken itself off and is moving forwards with more momentum than ever and a commitment towards net-zero emissions by 2050.
In The New Wave (page 68), I talk to some of the movers and shakers behind the biggest ocean liners and the smallest expedition ships (and everything in between) about the steps being taken to reach this goal. Join Quentin Long as he embarks on a young-at-heart adults-only cruise in the Mediterranean on page 90, or turn to page 86 to find out why a Royal Caribbean cruise to the South Pacific might just be the perfect family holiday. Dilvin Yasa goes in search of midnight sun and polar bears on an expedition cruise of Svalbard on page 100, and Carla Grossetti lives life in technicolour on a journey to the Islands of Tahiti on page 96. And the cruise on everyone’s bucket list right now? Louise Goldsbury sails Egypt’s legendary Nile River on page 78. Maybe one of these is the perfect cruise for you.
And while we’re dreaming of sailing off into the sunset, we’re also fantasising about chasing the sun to the northern hemisphere for a last-minute summer; turn to page 40 for all that’s hot right now in some of our favourite places. We also find a rustic-chic beach town that’s the French insider’s holiday of choice (page 58) and go off the tourist trail to northern Greece to explore unexpected landscapes that rival Patagonia’s (page 62). Along the way, we check out San Francisco’s super-sustainable dining scene, sip sherry in Spain, spend 48 hours in Kyoto and explore a hip Berlin neighbourhood that springs to life in summer. Throughout these pages, keep an eye out for our handy ‘cruise tips’ – to give you more cruise for your buck.
All of this has left me in a state of waterside, summery wanderlust. I’m thinking a river cruise in Europe is just the ticket. How about you?

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