ImagineFX – November 2019
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leap straight into the awesomeness of this issue: SPARTH! Sparth! Sparth! Who said Sparth? Me! This legendary artist is an inspiration and a master and I’m very proud that his cover and workshop (see page 64) takes centre stage of our concept art issue. I’m also a long-time fan of Donglu Yu (Donglu Yu! DONGLU Y… okay, I’ll stop this), not only for her art, but also in how she’s giving back to the art community by mentoring students. It was also interesting to hear how her training in Chinese calligraphy and its no-room-for-error preciseness would help inform her brush stroke decisions in concept art. She’s a true marvel – find out more in our interview on page 34.
In our news feature we chatted with a group of very successful concept artists to discuss what they think is a winning combination of skills to become a master in the field. What do concept artists even do all day? It might not be what you think. See page 18 for more insight. Let us know what you think of this issue, or ImagineFX magazine in general at the email address below.
If you are interested for ImagineFX – Full Year 2018 Issues Collection you can download in the link.
Claire Howlett, Editor
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