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ImagineFX – Issue 228, 2023

ImagineFX – Issue 228, 2023
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Welcome to No 1 For Digital Artists ImagineFX Magazine Issue 228, 2023

The landscape of the digital artist’s toolkit develops rapidly, both for desktop machines and, in more recent years, for mobile devices, from tablets through to phones.
This pdf magazine issue we bring you a host of handy tips for Procreate from a panel of fantastic artists.
There are helpful pointers for artists of all levels, so whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your artistic journey, there’s something for you.
To help you further level up your skills, take a look at page 64 and learn how our stunning Wednesday Addams cover art was created by Bo Feng Lin. Or read all about Nadav Yacobi’s creative process as he builds up a unique, mysterious character using graphite.
If you’re more in the mood for inspiration we have you covered there too! Take a tour of the clean and colourful studio of Emily Chapman, or check out the awesome work and thoughts of veteran artists Max Ulichney and Mattahan.

Enjoy the issue!

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