ImagineFX – August 2021
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Welcome at ImagineFX Magazine August 2021 Issue

Staying connected online is vital for the art community to have a place to share ideas, get helpful critiques and to network. Recently, many artists have eschewed the old social media stalwarts, such as Facebook and Instagram, and are joining new online networks in the hope of finding bespoke groups that are better spaces for artists. Turn to page 18 for our full story.
On another note, it’s the end of an era for me because this is my final edition as editor of ImagineFX. What an honour and a privilege it has been to be at the helm of ImagineFX Magazine and also a part of this supportive and wonderful art community for so many years. I have travelled the world, met countless numbers of talented artists and have worked with the most amazing people. I’ll cherish my time here and have so many incredible memories, but it’s time for me to embark on a new adventure. My final request is to ask you to keep on creating and following your passions. Good luck and believe in yourself!
Editor in chief
[email protected]

Your art
10 FXPosé
You submit your work to us and then
we show your gorgeous art to the world!
News and events
18 Alternative social
networks for artists
Discover how artists are finding new
places to chat, meet new people and
promote their work online.
26 Artist in Residence:
The Canada-based artist discusses her love
of illustration and product design.

34 Artist Portfolio: Zeen Chin
The Malaysian illustrator mixes familiar
styles and themes to make art that’s
unusual, unsettling and uniquely his own.
46 Sketchbook: Gretel Lusky
We dive into the marine-themed art
created by the Argentine illustrator.
82 Hardware
The performance of XP-PEN’s Innovator
16 display tablet matches its sleek looks.
84 Books
We assess titles on concept art from
The Mandalorian, plus painting manga
using watercolours and human anatomy.

3 Editor’s letter
4 Print subscriptions
8 Resources
24 Sign up for our newsletter
32 Digital subscriptions
33 Letters
44 Recent editions
73 Next month

54 Draw & paint fantasy manga
Yueko shares her process for painting a
female knight in an anime-inspired style.
58 Colour a manga portrait
in Clip Studio Paint
Essential advice on sketching, shadows
and lighting, with Asia Ladowska.
66 Create anime-style scenes
FeiGiap uses SketchUp’s 3D modelling
tools with Photoshop.
74 Get better at Paint Tool SAI
Angela Wang (aka awanqi) composes
figures from Greek mythology.

Traditional Artist
88 Traditional FXPosé
Discover this month’s selection of the
finest traditional art, sent in by you!
92 Workshop: Illustrate
Aggretsuko in watercolour
Anna Sokolova paints a character from
the popular Netflix anime series.
98 First Impressions: Nashimanga
The German manga artist reveals how she
taps into the power of the sea.

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