iCreate UK – October 2019
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Welcome at iCreate magazine issue 203

“Apple’s iCloud service can be as befuddling as it is ingenious”

For something that is supposed to work seamlessly behind the scenes, Apple’s iCloud service certainly comes to the fore when it isn’t working as it should. Whether it’s because files and photos aren’t syncing properly, or perhaps because a prompt appears with alarming regularity to input a password, iCloud can be as befuddling as it is ingenious. To help you eradicate any iCloud-related issues that you may be experiencing on Mac or iOS, we have compiled a collection of your most common iCloud problems and attempt to solve them once and for all. You can see if your issue is addressed by turning the pdf magazine to page 14 now.
Also in this issue we help you get the most out of your iPhone Health app and demonstrate how it can be used to improve your fitness and well-being. Whether it’s monitoring your heart rate, tracking what you eat or compiling data from your favourite third-party exercise apps, Health is an essential component of iOS that many of us aren’t exploiting to the max – we look to change that by providing the ultimate showcase.

Ryan Butt Editor

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