iCreate UK – Issue 247, 2023
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Welcome at iCreate UK Magazine Issue 247, 2023

Love iOS as I do, there is still plenty of room for improvement. This became clear while putting together our iPhone Home and Lock Screen customisation guide this issue (which starts on page 14), when the scattergun approach Apple has provided for personalising your iPhone become blatantly apparent.
As we discovered, it’s far more complicated than it needs to be to change the wallpaper of one screen and not the other, and if you decide to apply ‘Blur’ to your Home Screen wallpaper then all hell will break loose if you have the ‘Reduce Transparency’ setting turned on – well, it’ll look like crap anyway. And why are options to change the boldness and size of the app icon font buried in the Accessibility settings? And why, when you customise your app icons using the Shortcuts app, is there no way to turn off the notification that the shortcut has run when opening the apps? There is still so much to iron out, but those updates keep coming thick and fast – the next of which (iOS 16.3) will finally provide us with the Advanced Data Protection feature that will greater protect our iCloud data. Enjoy the issue and have fun personalising your own Home and Lock Screens.
Ryan Butt Editor

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