Hustler USA – March 2023
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Welcome at Hustler USA Magazine March 2023 Issue
Support for unions in America is at its highest level since 1965. The labor movement has been revital-ized, from employees at Starbucks and Amazon to sex workers. Strippers and sex workers are more organized than ever, and they are unionizing! From Star Garden in California to the United Sex Workers in the U.K. and the 5-million-strong AINSW network in India, all are fighting for better working conditions and a better life.
In February 2022, three dancers were fired and 15 locked out of the Star Garden in North Hollywood following complaints of unsafe working conditions, and the strippers went on strike. After months of picketing, they were granted an election toward unionization by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and are now well on their way to becoming the first strip club to join a guild since 1996.
In the U.K., the United Sex Workers (USW) actively fights against the criminalization and stigma of sex work and were right there to support the rail workers when they went on strike last summer. Reciprocal support from existing unions is fundamental to success. As we all know, there is strength in numbers.
with 5 million members, campaigns in parliament to de-criminalize their work and change laws to improve safety. And in May 2022, they won a huge victory when the Supreme Court of India ruled that police should not in-terfere with consensual sex work.
Sex workers’ goals are not really different from any-one else’s. They deserve to make a living wage, to work safely, without fear or retaliation. And more: As a South African named Dudu Dlamini explained to a trade union conference, “The money we get from sex work we do what they do with money—taking our children to better schools, to get a better education, the same, like them.”
Hustler USA Magazine strongly supports these organizing efforts. Turn to our in-depth feature, “Sex Workers of the World, Unite!” by Lux Lives, on page 30 of this issue, for more on thn thiiss i important movent.
Liz Flynt
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