Hello All users of Magdownload.org ,
As the site is groin up . Getting new users from different sources (search engines , social media and friends) we more and more are facing one question :

How to download magazines from Magdownload ? How to download with “this” Safelink thing ?

Of course we understand this question. There are new users who maybe never heard for file sharing. There are users not familiar with downloading.
So we thought to make a short video and explain all the users the old and new ones how to download pdf magazines at Magdownload. Explain step by step and helping you having the latest magazine issues in your hands.

For more please watch the video below :

Maybe some of you dont have time or maybe just lazy asses 😛 . So please find below explained in steps + screenshots :

1.First select the link from witch you you’d like to download your magazine

how to download magazines step 1

2.The click “Get Links” like in the screenshot below

how to download magazines step 2

3. After that you have to click at Nitroflare link. The first time it opens ADS . Please close the add and click Nitroflare again.This happens only if you are not a regular visitor.

how to download magazines step 3

Completing these 3 little steps and finally you are can start downloading the magazines you desire.

But maybe you are a totally new comer to world of downloading.You do not now nothing and obliviously you do not now how to download from nitroflare or other filehosts.Do not worry. Watch the video below to understand how to download from filehosts:

To make the things more simple we also made some screenshots. The sample is with Nitroflare link. We strongly recommend it for the best speed.All others hosts has the same way usually to download the files.
Maybe some hosts hase more time to wait or an extra capcha but the conclusion is the same. The magazine is for free in your hands.

Download magazine step 1
Download magazine step 2
Download magazine step 3
Download magazine step 4
Download magazine step 5

While you complete the steps that we showed up some adds will open obliviously. Please close them and just fallow the steps.
If you want to bypass those steps and you can by premium and download all the magazines you want . Bying premium it will get ride of the ads too.
If you are a first time user maybe it will look difficult to you. Trust me after second and third time it will be really ease and you can download magazines in just some seconds.B
We offer different links to download. All of them are free. But if you decide to by premium please consider buying it from our links. We recommend Nitroflare.
Is the best filehosts our there for premium users. Awesome downloading speed . The cost of a premium it is not much consider you can download all the magazines you want during the period you have premium.With Nitroflare you have also movies,TV-Shows,music, games and everything else in the web. With a little search you can find plenty of websites from which you can download using your premium account