Home Cinema Choice – Issue 315 – October 2020
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I’m old enough to remember when box sets were shelf-bothering receptacles for chunky VHS tapes;
I knew someone who had an entire wall of their lounge devoted to storing every episode of Friends. Then Netflix happened, and the word ‘boxsets’ became oddly linked to just streaming multiple episodes of a TV show. Still, boxsets live on in the Blu-ray world, and boy are we getting some good ones. Universal’s Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection (see p92) corrals four of the director’s most-loved movies, scrubs them up with 4K HDR, applies a sprinkling of 3D audio, lays on a plethora of extras features, and completely nails the packaging too. I’m not normally one to get excited by cardboard and cover art, but there’s a level of attention to detail here that helps sell the boxset’s £60 price. Although to be honest, this quartet of discs would beworth that just loose in a plastic bag. Welcome to 4K, Hitch!

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