History Revealed – July 2023
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Welcome at History Revealed Magazine July 2023 issue

For many people, the phrase ‘World War I’ immediately conjures up images of muddy, waterlogged trenches, barbed wire and abject misery. But what was life really like for the men – and women – who served on the Western and Eastern fronts between 1914–18? For this month’s Essential Guide, we’ve enlisted the help of military experts Peter Hart and Taff Gillingham to examine trench life in more detail – from the practicalities of life below ground, to the threat of trench raids and the horrors of the Somme. Turn to page 27 to get started.
Elsewhere, we explore the experiences of the men, women and children who were forced to seek shelter in the workhouse during the Victorian and Edwardian eras (page 58). We also investigate the fascinating life of Fulvia, the Roman woman who defied gender norms to wield political power in her own right (page 20), examine what might have happened had the 18th-century War of the Spanish Succession not taken place (magazine page 64), and tell the incredible story of the Cragg Vale Coiners, the counterfeiting gang whose criminal activities have inspired a recent BBC Two drama series (page 51).
Plus, in the second instalment of our new Life Hacks from History column, we take a look at how our forebears went about building their dream home (page 17), and examine one of the most famous works of art of the French Rococo period (magazine page 56).
The number of British deaths on the first day of the battle of the The number of rooms in Roman emperor Nero’s ‘Golden House’, built in the wake of the Great Fire of Rome The total number of years that the French duke Philip of Anjou ruled Spain as King Philip V THIS MONTH’S BIG NUMBERS Discover what life was really like for the troops who served in the trenches of World War I with this month’s Essential Guide, which begins on magazine page 27.
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