History Revealed – Issue 91, 2021
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This month, as millions of people across the globe receive – or prepare to receive – a vaccination against Covid-19,we embark on a journey through the history of medicine, exploring how our ancestors coped with deadly diseases like plague, typhoid and cholera, and charting the great leaps in medical knowledge that have brought us to where we are today. Our essential guide begins in ancient times , when the theory of the four humours ruled supreme and ends with the many monumental medical breakthroughs of the 20th century. Turn to page 26 to get started.
Elsewhere, we take a closer look at the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, a mobile, multimedia, tactical deception unit that used an array of innovative methods – from deploying inflatable tanks to broadcasting fake radio transmissions – to fool the Nazis in the final year of World War II (page 58).
We also explore the fascinating, albeit often forgotten, life of 16th-century Irish pirate queen GraceO’Malley, whose exploits at sea and on land brought her face to face with Queen Elizabeth I (page 65) and find out why, in the 19th century, thousands of Mormons left their homes in Illinois to seek out new lives further west (page 16). And we ask how history might have been different had Roman dictator Julius Caesar not been assassinated by a group of Roman senators in 44 BC (page 70). As ever, we also answer a host of historical conundrums on a range of topics – from votes for women, to how St Bernard dogs got their name (page 73).
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