History Revealed Collector’s Editions – Amazing Women In History
English | 100 pages | PDF | 45 MB

In whatever field you care to mention, women have been at the forefront for thousands of years, and in this special edition of History Revealed magazine, we’ve compiled some of the most amazing stories from down the centuries. From powerful ancient rulers such as Nefertiti and Zenobia, to more recent pioneers of scientific endeavour, like Marie Curie and Valentina Tereshkova, these women have shaped history. But not all the women whose life stories we tell in these pages are household names – although we think they should be. Take Irena Sendler, for example, who smuggled over 2,000 Jewish children to safety during the German occupation of Poland. Don’t forget we have more stories of amazing women in every issue of History Revealed magazine – why not turn to page 20 for details of how to subscribe to the magazine?

Paul McGuinness

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