History Revealed – Christmas 2021
English | 94 pages | pdf | 59.89 MB

Life in the Middle Ages revolved around the Church, with its many feast days and rituals shaping the calendar. e parish church was at the heart of the community, a place of worship and social activity, while soaring cathedrals, holy shrines and religious houses formed a backdrop to daily life. In this month’s Essential Guide, aided by expert Professor Nicholas Orme, we explore the vast reach of the medieval Church in England – from a ‘how to’ guide for pilgrims on the road, to the religious ceremonies that marked important moments in an individual’s life. Turn to page 28 to get started.
Elsewhere, we take a look at the remarkable story of Ewan Forbes, the transgender man whose fight for his family’s baronetcy in the 1960s would have a profound impact on transgender rights for decades to come (page 59).
Also in this issue, we launch our new art history series, which investigates the secrets hidden within the brushstrokes of some of the world’s most famous paintings. We begin on page 64 with Jan van Eyck’s 15th-century masterpiece e Arnolfini Portrait.
Plus, 80 years after the devastating Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, we examine what really happened on that fateful day (page 16), and discover how Britain might have looked had Edward VIII not abdicated in 1936 (page 70). We’ve also announced the 10 winners of ourrecent children’s history competition – turn to page 66 to view the successful entries.

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