High Times – March 2022
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Welcome at High Times magazine March 2022 issue

NOW THAT WE’RE WELL INTO 2022 AND STILL DEALING with the seemingly never-ending novel coronavirus variants, many of us are desperate to travel. While safe travel still may not be possible in many corners of the world, that doesn’t mean that we can’t start planning those trips now, even if it’s just to satisfy the itch of experiencing fascinating foreign cannabis destinations.
Whether or not you’re ready to pack your bags, we’re here to invite you to join us on a journey of the mind. Embark on this expedition as we take you across the world to some of the most incredible destinations for cannabis culture and new weed-themed experiences.
In North America, we’re visiting the crown jewel of cannabis cultivation. The place where hippies and agriculture formed together to create an underground community of cannabis cultivation—the Emerald Triangle.
We talked to families of legacy cannabis growers about what has made the region so popular for its growing—and here’s a hint—it’s not the region’s climate. The true secret of that region lies in the residents familial knowledge that has been passed down for generations, which is something that corporate cannabis will always struggle to duplicate. They continue this tradition in spite of the collapse of the wholesale priceper- pound amid tax hikes—which heavily impacts small growers.
Next, we’re visiting our neighbors to the North in Canada, where federal legalization has allowed for travelers to move from province to province with cannabis in tow.
We’re breaking down the stats of this legal market, and diving into what the tourism industry has to offer. Once it’s safe to travel again, we recommend that you put Canada on your list of places to visit, that is, if you can stand the cold (plus who doesn’t like maple syrup or poutine?).
If your wanderlust leads you to seek out international destinations, we present a journey of cannabis excitement through the many “Weed Wonders of the World,” including Australia, Mexico, Jamaica, Amsterdam, Spain and more. Our Brand Spotlight this month has also flown overseas—interviewing the iconic Bulldog coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Founded back in 1975, the Bulldog was founded by Henk de Vries, coined as the first modern “coffeeshop” of its time. We spoke with Henk’s daughter, Chantal, about how the business has survived and expanded over the decades, growing into what now can be described as an international hospitality enterprise with strong cannabis roots.
In this issue, we invite you to take this journey around the world with us—no vaccine or passport required. Now entering the third year since the pandemic began, we’re all in need of a bona fide vacation and our Travel Issue will inspire you to start fantasizing about your next cannabis vacation. We all deserve to dream in these trying times.

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