Health & Wellbeing – March 2023
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After what’s felt like a very long and cold winter, spring is finally in sight, and with it brings new optimism and joy for the coming year. So who better to grace our cover this month than someone who embodies joy and optimism in abundance … the very fabulous, Lisa Snowdon! She’s over on page 16 chatting self-care secrets, life achievements and how she accidentally became a campaigner for the menopause. And, it’s not just Lisa that’s breaking the taboo around certain topics, we’re getting very honest about periods (p 118), pelvic floor (p65) and how those pesky hormones can affect our relationships too (p29). It’s time to take the power back and talk about these things without the shame stigma attached. I hope you’ll agree, that this feels like a really empowering time for women’s health. In fact, we’re all about positivity this month, dedicating our special to your happiness. We’ve covered everything from workouts and recipes to boost your mood, to easy gratitude journalling prompts you can start today-I’ve been following something similar since January and I’m already noticing what a difference it makes to my day. My favourite one to start with? What’s made you smile today? I find it’s an easy one to identify and will instantly lift your mood when reflecting about your day. So, what has made you smile today? Could it be you’ve signed up for a charity walk with friends (p78); booked a wellness break to heal your emotions (pl03); made a really great playlist to get you pumped for your next workout (p72}-whatever it is that’s put a spring in your step this month, we’d love to hear about it. And, here’s one more thing to smile about, this issue comes with an extra 48-page mini magazine dedicated to helping you find your confidence. I wish you a very positive month ahead.

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