Harvard Business Review OnPoint – Summer 2020
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Confronting a Changing World – Harvard Business Review OnPoint Magazine Summer 2020

OUR STAFF HAD INITIALLY set out to cover marketing in this Harvard Business Review OnPoint Magazine Summer 2020 Issue, and we were readying those materials for the printer when the world changed. In the early spring it quickly became clear that the worldwide spread of the coronavirus would have vast implications for our careers, companies, economies, and psyches, even if many of those implications are still unfolding as we go to press. With problems and stake holders clamoring, leaders are being forced to make some of the most important decisions of their careers to keep their people safe and their companies afloat, all without knowing what tomorrow will look like, much less next quarter.
But though this crisis looks different from any we’ve faced, it’s not the first time leaders have had to confront a large-scale disaster, a struggling economy, or the unknown.
Abandoning our marketing issue, our team delved into HBR’s archives to find the best wisdom about leading through a crisis that has come out of a century of management thinking. In these pages we’ve included articles on communicating through a crisis, finding growth in a downturn, managing traumatized employees, embracing an unknown future, and avoiding layoffs. We were able to look to the best advice that has come out of research and practice from crises such as the 9/11 attacks, the fiscal crash of 2008, and Hurricane Sandy.
In aggregate, these articles make it clear that the best leaders do more than keep their organizations going through tough, uncertain times: They provide a source of steadiness and direction that brings out the best in their people. That might mean the difference between a hollowed-out organization and a staff that’s well positioned to innovate and create growth as our new normal sets in.
It might mean the difference between everyone running in opposite directions and a team that sustains high performance even in the face of rapid change. And it might simply mean an employee who remembers amid the turmoil and trauma his or her boss’s moral courage or compassionate human face. Be well,
– The Editors

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