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Harper’s Bazaar USA – January 2023

Harper’s Bazaar USA – January 2023
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them out is the most stylish form of self-actualization. At times— recent ones, for example—simply getting dressed might have seemed like an extraordinary act of optimism. Fashion, though, is rarely about where we are; it’s about where we want to go. That’s why so many designers are dreamers—imagineers of inspiration, hope, ambition, and desire. Dreams can be a source of joy and motivation, a mission and a determination, a test of strength and will. As the late Virgil Abloh once proffered, “Dreams come true when you
don’t sleep”—a tweet-maxim that has no doubt inspired millions to dream bigger (and sleep less) than they have before. We’re often drawn to people with big dreams, and it’s not too difficult to understand why: Dreamers refuse to accept the world as it is. They have not just vision but an inherent belief that there are possibilities lurking around every corner. It’s a skill set we’ve collectively needed to lean on more and more these last few years, as finding ways to dream everything up all over again has become more of a necessity than a luxury. This issue is dedicated to dreamers, not because they’re special (though some of them are) but because everyone has the capacity—and the right—to be one. Some dreams we have won’t come true—at least not right away, even if we don’t sleep.
But the future depends on us all being able to have them. HB

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