HackSpace – October 2020
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Inside HackSpace magazine October 2020 issue

Computer games give us a chance to play with technology in more than one sense. Yes, we’re playing a game – often against an AI opponent – but also, they give us creative freedom to try out techniques and methods that we might not find space to experiment with otherwise. As such, they can be an important part of our maker practice. In this issue, we’re looking at building an arcade cabinet. Yes, this is a great, fun way of reliving your youth (and perhaps relieving your loved ones of their 10p pieces).
It’s also a chance to have a go at furniture making. It’s not the most complex furniture making, but you can have a go at seeing how plans come together in three dimensions. It’s also a good chance to have a go at different finishing techniques. Want to try your hand with spray paints? Now’s your chance. How about stencils? Go for it. The more outlandish the better, and if it goes wrong, just paint over it and start again. So, let’s get playing, and then once you’ve finished playing with the design, it’s time to start playing with the games.


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