HackSpace – March 2023
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Welcome at HackSpace Magazine March 2023 issue

This cover feature comes to you thanks to multiple requests. Soldering is a regular feature of our articles in HackSpace magazine, and there are a huge range of soldering irons out there, but we’d never spent much time really sitting down and comparing the options. We’ve looked at a few in reviews over the years, and some others have come across our workbench for various reasons, but when people came to us and asked ‘what soldering iron should I get?’, we honestly struggled to provide a good answer.
So , we decided to get our hands dirty and find out about the good, bad, and ugly of hobbyist soldering irons. We’ve tested out just about every sub-£100 soldering iron we could find, as we felt this was about the price that is affordable for most hobbyists. There were a few surprises, and we burned ourselves once or twice in the process, but we now think we can at least start to give sensible advice to anyone looking for a new soldering iron. Read on to find out more.

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