HackSpace – February 2022
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Welcome at HackSpace Magazine February 2022 issue

A few years ago, I broke my arm. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t a huge injury and I was all healed within a few months. However, while healing, my arm was in a cast from hand to shoulder and I could barely use a computer.
That’s a bit of a problem for someone who makes a living working at a computer. I tried out some of the various accessibility options, including speech-to-text, but none of them worked
particularly well. At the same time, it was a struggle to get dressed and generally perform daily chores. It was a little reminder that assistive tech is for everyone – just not all the time. You may not need it now, but at some point in your life, you’ll probably need a little help to perform everyday actions. We, as makers, are better placed than most to help make sure our world is accessible to everyone. In this issue, we’re taking a look at some projects that are helping to make sure that the future is for everyone, all the time. Turn to page 34 to find out more.

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