Gunmart – June 2022
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So here we are with the Gunmart Magazine June 2022 issue of the magazine. In the airgun section this month, I have included a review of the Reximex Mito S by Bruce Potts. It’s an interesting piece of kit as you can use it as a pistol or a carbine. Incidentally, if this concept interests you then check out Mark Camoccio’s review of the SMK Snowpeak PP750.
Also, for those of you who are curious about slugs, Bruce has also done a thorough test of some new ones from H&N. Just in case you were not able to attend, I have included a show report by Jules Whicker that covers the new Stalking Show, which seems to have been very well received by the shooting community, so check that out. He has also written an article on the GAIM VR Shooting Simulator, which sounds like great fun! Two new rifles have been reviewed this month. Chris Parkin has gotten his hands on the Haenel Jaeger NXT Straight Pull-Rifle in 30-06, while Pete Moore has had a look at Anschutz’s latest fullsized hunting rifle; the 1782. There are also write-ups on the GPO Spectra 1.5-9x44i and the Schultz & Larsen Ultradome sound moderator.
In the shotgun section this issue, Bruce Potts has done the Remington V3 semi-automatic shotgun in synthetic furniture. He has also been using some Winchester Ranger cartridges to see what they are like. To add to all of this, I have considered the Beretta AL391 Teknys Gold as a second-hand option and also looked at the Jack Pyke Snaky Bore Cleaner and Cleaning Kit.
Enjoy, and as always,
safe shooting!
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