Guitarist – March 2022
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The most important thing about playing the guitar is that you are enjoying what you’re playing and that it’s something meaningful to you. You’d be surprised at how many people do not allow themselves to do this because of conditioned thoughts they were taught by the world, believing they should be doing something different.
My advice is to abandon all dreams of the future. Forget about it completely. Forget about the fantasies of wild success – because they might happen and they might not. I can tell you if they don’t happen, you’ll blame yourself, or somebody else, or the world in general, or the music business, or your parents. I can also tell you that if you do get there and you do have that success, it’s not going to be enough for you, because if what you’re doing right now is not enough for you to feel fulfilled, it’s not going to be enough later.
No matter how successful you become. Now, I know this is an easy thing for Steve Vai to say. And I wish everybody could experience the kind of success that they dream of, so they can discover it’s not it.
The universe that created you, that you came from, has endowed you with certain skills so that you can bring your inspirations into this world in a co-creative way with everybody else. That’s of the greatest value because when you receive a unique inspiration that’s tailor-built for you, throw yourself into it unconditionally with no excuses, NOW.
Because when you’re enjoying the creative process NOW, you’re living life. You say, ‘What about my future?’ Well, guess what happens when you live a happy life now? The future takes care of itself. Exercise your creative ideas with no excuses. That means using obstacles to your advantage. That’s a mindset: to see challenges as opportunities. Can you see your own worthiness and embrace it? If you can, you will enjoy being yourself. When you enjoy being yourself, you really enjoy all the creative things that you do.

Steve Vai Honorary Editor

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