Guitar Techniques – June 2023
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WELCOME to our latest issue of Guitar Techniques Magazine. Do you like the cover for our Eric Clapton feature? I hope so as we spent a few weeks figuring out how best to present him. Eric has been a guitar hero for many decades so his appeal evokes different things to different people. For some, he is the shining light of the British blues scene because of his playing on John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers ‘Beano’ album. His tone and technique right from the arresting opener (All Your Love) reset the electric guitar for British players and countless others around the world. For others, he never bested his time with Cream, the Clapton-Bruce-Baker ‘super group’ (before the term was really in use) that featured Eric’s wonderful solos. One only needs to hear, say, the band’s final live album, Goodbye Cream to appreciate his tone, phrasing and how far he could push himself for those long improvisations.
There are many though that will think of Eric through one famous song – Layla. That riff, the unique key change step up into the verse and the lush Major outro are outstanding indeed. For sure, his career in the 70s was very fruitful. The 80s were too though, as albums such as August (1986) and Journeyman (1989) testified. Also, his many live tours in this decade sold out fast and it seemed he almost lived at London’s Royal Albert Hall some years. Then there’s his most successful album (26 million sales approx), 1992’s Unplugged where his acoustic blues skills were on full display, as was the tasty laid-back arrangement of Layla. What an outstanding career it’s been, and that’s just his first four decades!
So with our special feature on page 14, we hope you’ll enjoy the five mini pieces that highlight the legend’s guitar skills. For sure, you will learn a great deal about his musicianship, plus get plenty of vibrant inspiration for your own playing. As for the rest of the issue you’ve a staggering amount of choice. There’s Allen Hinds’ brilliant video performance for our new track, Glow To Grow, Brett Garsed’s great arpeggio video etude, the lovely Barcarolle composition by Coste, Lage Lund jazz phrasing plus appraisals of Richie Sambora, Sons Of Apollo, Plini and Robben Ford as well as part 1 of Martin Taylor’s walking bassline series. So, until the next issue, keep happy, keep listening and keep playing!

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