Gress Magazine – Februari 2019
Indonesian | 94 pages | True PDF | 17.8 MB

Happy Valentine 2019

We don’t feel like we have celebrated the love day that is present every February 14 This year it seems that everyone needs maximum love in the midst of the ‘heat’ of the Election and Presidential Election campaign and other regional elections.

Only with compassion between people can we interpret the true meaning of life. Like the three models this time, Ires, Jhihan and Caroline who did not dismiss when approached by men. But it will install snares for men who are considered capable of giving affection to them.

All three are trying to pamper and give love and full attention to the guy who has managed to ensnare their hearts. In short, affection will give them a romantic moment when they spend time in their own personal space.

In this edition, there are six cars that are suitable for driving by women. As if design, function and other features are indeed present for women. There is nothing wrong with these six cars that can be used as a reference if you want to buy a car for your loved one.

There are two things that can support your Valentine’s Day, which is a healthy body so that your sex time becomes more qualified. So it’s a good idea to read the fit rubric about a healthy breakfast so that your body stays energized throughout the day. Then get a healthy love not only for physical but also mental health.

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