GoPro Complete Manual – 3rd Edition 2019
English | 157 pages | pdf | 120.01 MB

All the major manufactures produce action cameras of one sort or another. Canon has the PowerShot D30, Nikon the Cool pix WlOO and Olympus the Tough. They can all take stills that range from around 8MP up to 16MP and can shoot HD and Ultra HD video. Even SatNav company Tom Tom have an action camera called the Bandit capable of 4K video and 16MP stills. There is however, one brand that has become synonymous with recording outdoor action and sports. GoPro, with its action camera range. It would seem that it has become the daddy of them all, beloved by anyone who likes to climb on a bike, scale a mountain and hit the powder on a snowboard. It was the brainchild of Nick Woodman, who on a surfing trip to Australia in 2002, was frustrated that
he couldn’t get quality up-close photos of the surfing action. He couldn’t afford the prices of professional photographic equipment that would allow him to do so either. His desire to have more professional equipment and get those top-level pro shots is what inspired him to create the name ‘GoPro’.

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