Good Health – July 2019
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How good are you at having difficult conversations? Some of us are quick to voice our opinions – occasionally followed by intense regret. Others will studiously avoid a conflict, only to lie awake thinking ‘I wish I’d said…’ Like it or not, we each come at life with a different point of view. Sometimes that’s exciting and other times it most definitely rubs us up the wrong way.
So how do we all get along in spite of this? And what’s the best way to have a constructive discussion from the other side of the fence?

Good Health magazine July 2019 issue we begin a new series called ‘Let’s Talk’ where experts tell us how to navigate these interpersonal dilemmas – kicking off with conflict. Studies show that there are good and not-so-good ways of tackling this challenge, but a ‘direct’ approach is usually best. See page 98 for more. We’ve also got tips for how to tell someone gently that their bad mood is bringing you down. Emotions can be catching – at work, at home or in social situations – and we are all susceptible to picking up someone else’s problems. On page 90, we discover how to choose the right words to protect ourselves from that.
But perhaps the most important conversations are the ones we have with ourselves. On page 94, two psychologists explain that therapy is not just for those in great distress but a process that could benefit us all. Much as we might like to think we’ve got things figured out, we each have a blindspot, and certain well-worn stories we continue to believe. Uncovering these can be profoun.So don’t let anyone tell you that talk is cheap. Our words have great power and sharing them well is the best way forward. – Nicky Dewe, Editor

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