Geographical – March 2023
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Welcome at Geographical Magazine March 2023 issue

Occasionally, a set of photographs drop into your inbox, and you are stunned. They change how you see the world and impart vital information you want to share with as many people as possible. That’s what happened when I first saw Peter Caton’s images from flood-ravaged South Sudan (see our cover and his report on Page 20). Like most people, I was aware that this troubled and only recently formed nation was suffering yet another humanitarian crisis. But this disaster’s sheer scale and devasting cost hadn’t hit home. Peter tells the story with dignity and respect. He shows the resilience and strength with which the millions of displaced people are facing the natural disaster of three years of extreme flooding on top of years of brutal communal violence. He also reveals a heart-rending resignation verging on desperation felt by many of the victims. The report from Susan Martinez provides the essential contextual information. Charlotte Hallqvist, who works for the UNHCR in South Sudan, tells us that this is a chronically underfunded crisis with the UN getting less than half the US$214.6 million it needed in 2022 to cope with its impact and that they are now forced only to supply the bare essentials required for survival. However, the weather patterns which brought the worst rains in sixty years have yet to abate, and many fear another summer of downpours is inevitable. Peter was sent to Southern Sudan by Action Against Hunger. Go to its website to learn more about the crisis and to make a donation.
Graeme Gourlay

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