Future Music – April 2023
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Welcome at Future Music Magazine April 2023 Issue

Despite electronic music being ostensibly forward-thinking, we producers can be as backward-looking as any mistyeyed rock revivalist. Ask an electronic musician to name the ‘greatest synth’ and nine times out of ten they’ll reel off a list of instruments released in the ’70s and ’80s.
Truth is though, thanks to advances in technology, design and manufacturing, the synth market has never been as varied, accessible and open as it is right now.
This issue, we’re celebrating the best that contemporary synth design has to offer, by putting 10 flagship polys head-to-head. Our line-up covers everything from vintage analogue to boundary-pushing digital synthesis. A little something for everyone. But which machines will come out on top? Head for page 30 to find out.
We hope you enjoy the issue.

Si Truss, Editor-In-Chief
[email protected]

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