Future Classics – March 2023
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Welcome at Future Classics Magazine March 2023 Issue

I AM NEW here, but not new to writing about previously enjoyed, under the radar future classics. In fact, in a former life I was editor of a monthly magazine called Used Car Buyer. Remember that? Nevermind.
It was where I cut my teeth when it came to buying and selling secondhand cars. I went to auctions, bought cars, sold cars, spent hours trawling dealer forecourts and yes, I even had one of those sheepskin donkey jackets. Okay, I never actually muttered those immortal words, “This time next year Rodders, we’ll be millionaires,” but on the rare occasion when I sold a car at a profit (yes, it really did happen), I’d be thinking it in my head.
It was all about buying wisely, knowing what to look for, sussing out the bargains and using every ounce of insider knowledge to predict which models were worth going for and which were best left alone. And that’s something that I intend to keep on doing while heading up Future Classics.
I’ve got a network of people who, like me, have got a nose for picking out the cars that have slipped through the net. The real gems that didn’t get the publicity or the recognition they deserved when new, which now make fabulous buys on the secondhand market.
We’re not interested in the humdrum, or the plain boring; we’ll be filling these pages with the marques and models with kudos and charisma that will offer the greatest owner rewards. Not just in terms of value for money but in the way of fun factor, too. After all, car buying used to be an exciting experience, and that’s something I want to rekindle on these pages.
Our mission then is to find you a car that’s now a fraction of what it was when it left the showroom that you’ll fall in love with and want to keep forever.
Or, at least until something else takes your fancy! While the Future Classics Magazine team is busy looking at cars from yesteryear and plucking out our favourites, we’d like to hear about the ‘futureclassic’ on your driveway! Send some pics and info to [email protected].
Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the issue my team and I have enjoyed putting together.

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