Fusion Magazine – Issue 41 2023
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Many of us remember when the most sophisticated video game available was Pong or Space Invaders. We’ve lived through the arcade era, witnessed the home computer revolution, and the dawn of the dedicated video game console. In 2023, we’re living the science fiction future imagined by the creators of our favourite games from the past. It is exciting, but sometimes it’s also melancholy. Our march into the future of gaming means that we will inevita­bly lose some of those who helped create it, as time goes by. We remember them through our love of their creations and the community we share dedicated to gaming’s past, present, and its future.
We have our own blend of past and present for you this issue, with content spanning forty years of gaming. Andrew Oyston reviews Atari’s Anniversary Celebration, Retro Faith talks to de­veloper Senile Team about the Dreamcast port of Intrepid Izzy, and rates the new Switch port while she’s there. Zoe Kirk-Robinson returns with part two of our feature on Level 9’s adven­ture games, and Ben Magnet investigates the mad world of Sonic comics. George Sturgeon brings us an interview with PlayTonic Games director Gavin Price in another Super Stages Special, and there’s much more, too.
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