FineScale Modeler – May-June 2023
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Welcome at FineScale Modeler Magazine May-June 2023 Issue

The center spread of this issue reveals the winner of the inaugural FSM Build a Model Month contest in all its scratch built glory. It is, in short, a masterpiece that epitomizes everything the hobby is about: skill, creativity, attention to detail, and, if it’s not too on the nose given the title of the winning piece, imagination. The same qualities are obvious in each of the other category winners that you will also see in this issue.
But the virtual contest was just one part of BAMM. We received — and continue to receive as you can see in Scale Talk — messages from modelers out there preaching the gospel of the hobby, proselytizing the benefits of glue, plastic, and paint, and spreading the joy we all feel to the wider world.
These messengers aren’t resting on their laurels and neither are we. The pixels were still warm from the last event when we began planning BAMM 2, Nov. 1-30, 2023. While it is still in the planning phase, what we know is that it will bigger, better, and shinier than last year.
We expect more contest entries and are working to ref ine the categories along with the entry and judging processes.
The FSM staff is also looking to pick a kit for a group build during BAMM, with us providing frequent updates and possibly live building sessions.
That’s just what we have right now. Watch this space as well as and our email newsletter for updates as we get closer to November. We’re excited about it and hope you are, too.

Speaking of things we are excited about, I hope you’ve had a chance to see FineScale Modeler Magazine Weekly, our new video series that hits and YouTube — you guessed it — weekly. As well as incorporating New Product Rundown (the show that’s previewed new kits, books, tools, and other modeling accessories for more than a decade), it also includes new segments Tooling Around, where we talk modeling tools, some common, some unique, and what we like (or don’t!) about them, and the Wrap Up during which we’ll discuss pretty much anything that catches our fancy. Have no fear: It’ll be about modeling or at least modeling adjacent. We’ll leave discussions about the umpteenth episode of The Bachelor to the rest of the internet. We’ll look at news from the hobby or industry, show something we are working on, and answer questions and comments from readers and viewers. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoy putting it together. And, yes, there will still be bloopers!

Aaron Skinner

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