Fast Bikes UK – March 2023
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It’s been the quietest January I can remember. Usually there’ll be one or two chances to pop on a plane, to top up on vitamin D and try out some mind-bogglingly brilliant new bike… but not this year. It’s not as if I’ve been sitting twiddling my thumbs, but probably like you, I’m gagging to get stuck in and clock some miles on anything, anywhere.
Thankfully, February has got a lot more about it, so stay tuned for plenty of fresh metal reviews, but in the meantime I’ve been busying myself out in the garage. I’m guilty of starting things and then getting distracted, especially during the summer when the pace of life seems to crank up tenfold. The point being, I’ve actually enjoyed sorting out everything from bike kit to crankcases, tidying stuff up, handing stuff I no longer wear to my mates and generally figuring out a game plan to get a couple of old bikes I’ve been building over the finish line. They’re not going to be finished anytime soon, but there’s something nice about just tinkering and making progress, however big or small. Weird, isn’t it, that motorcycles can consume you and fulfil you even when you’re not riding them. It feels good to have charged up a couple of batteries, checked fluid levels and even just fired one of the machines into life, drenching my clothes in a smell that’s unmistakably ‘motorcycle’. I digress, but it’s been a great way to warm up to the forthcoming season, to get excited for it and make sure that when the good weather starts coming through, I’ll be set and ready to get out and about. Our friends at No Limits have got a trackday on February 18 at Cadwell and I’m actually really contemplating rocking up for it, despite knowing it’ll be freezing, probably wet or maybe even snowing.
Who knows, but it’ll just be good to be among bikes and mates that I’ve not caught up with in a month or two. If that’s not reason enough to get excited, what is? The other thing this forced break has offered is the chance to plan out the year ahead. We’ve got a full agenda of antics on the cards, and I hope you have too.
I always go into a new year wondering if it can come close to matching the one before, but as great as 2022 was, ’23 looks worthy of going a step further. At least, let’s hope so.
Enjoy the mag

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