EOS Magazine – April-June 2023
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EOS magazine is 30 years old! It has been helping you to take better pictures with your EOS camera since 1993. But, like many things in life, it’s a bit more complicated than that…
If you want to keep up you must keep changing, and EOS magazine has taken many diff erent forms before becoming recognisable as the publication
you are reading right now. During this time, Canon was not the only one to go digital – so did EOS magazine. You can read more about the evolution of EOS magazine on page 6. Cameras have all sorts of monikers: point-andshoot, compact, SLR, bridge, mirrorless, ILC, hybrid… EOS cameras have been able to shoot both stills and movies since the introduction of the EOS 5D Mark II in 2008, but it’s taken a while for the movie mode to catch up with the stills shooting capability. Hybrid cameras can shoot both equally well. The EOS M50 Mark II and the recent EOS R6 Mark II already fulfi l that role from the Canon stable, but keen not to lose out on the increasing interest in video platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, Canon has introduced two new cameras that could be called hybrid. While the full-frame EOS R8 is of particular interest to those who don’t want to go down the cropped sensor route, the EOS R50 gives vloggers – who are more interested in moving pictures than stills – a budget-friendly entry point into the EOS system. We know from your feedback that shooting movies is not high on the agenda for many of you, but there are millions of movie-makers, creatives, infl uencers – call them what you like – who want a camera that is capable in both fi elds, and Canon would be remiss not to address their needs. Read more about the two new EOS cameras and lenses on pages 22 to 27.
Fast and furious is not always the best approach as our Drive mode article explains (see pages 38 to 45). Don’t shoot at top speed and leave yourself with dozens of similar images to delete. We also revisit some revitalised Canon technology in Eye control focus (pages 48 to 53), re-imagined for mirrorless.
Thank you to all those who entered our Reader challenge in the previous issue, which was ‘People portraits’. It was clearly a popular subject and the quality of images was outstanding (see pages 56 to 60).
Angela August, Editor

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