Empire UK – April 2023
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A GROUCHY PEDRO Pascal, navigating an unrecognisable planet on a mercenary mission, dodging sci-fi dangers while chaperoning an adorable sidekick. Yes, The Last Of Us rocks. Wait, what did you think I was talking about?
Ah, The Mandalorian. The return of the Beskar badarse is imminent. And now he comes equipped with a Darksaber (think a lightsaber, but dark) as well as being reunited with Grogu (50 years old, still burbling). With hype levels hitting hyperspace, we’re celebrating the coolest Star Wars show in the Outer Rim Territories with a big old blow-out event issue. Yes, your hunt for bounty is over. Over 20 pages of world-exclusive images and interviews, we chat to Mando masterminds Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni about how they keep this show, plus several others, ticking over; hear from the creators of Grogu on how the little green dude took over planet Earth; and find out what goes into making an episode of TV’s hottest property. (Clue: a surprising amount of sea-sickness.) Walk the way of the Mandalore from magazine page 50.
Grogu sadly isn’t up for an Academy Award this year — we checked. But it still promises to be an Oscars night for the ages, full of twists and turns and clips featuring hot-dog fingers. From Paul Mescal’s Best Actor nomination to the unfortunate snubbing of Danielle Deadwyler, we rake over the highs and lows of the nominations. We also spent a day with the person behind the biggest surprise of all: Andrea Riseborough, whose performance in the little-seen
To Leslie made it into the running, against all odds. Head to page 76 for our spectacular shoot with her. Oh, and we also have a great piece on The Last Of Us. No Grogu in that yet, but it’s early days.
Enjoy the issue.

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