Empire Australasia – February 2020
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This month at EmipireCHOOSING THE HUNDRED greatest movies of the century (so far) was just asking for trouble. We were never going to make everyone happy with the final selections. But we did it anyway, because that’s what these kinds of lists are for: to create heated – but not too heated, we hope – debate as movielovers go, “Hey, how did you leave out this film?” Or “Why the heck did Empire choose that pile of monkey droppings”? We hope we’ve sparked some stimulating conversations about what cinematic classics would make your top 100. Meanwhile, we’re very proud of how well-represented Australasia is on the list, from George Miller and Peter Jackson to Heath Ledger, Margot Robbie and Russell Crowe. Head to page 49, read our massive feature and let the arguments begin!
Speaking of home-grown talent, elsewhere in this issue we talk to Leigh Whannell about his very 21st century take on an old classic, The Invisible Man. Star Elisabeth Moss also reveals how, despite being a hardened horror fan, she found herself jumping out of her skin during a screening. If you haven’t heard of British actress Emily Beecham, then allow us to formally introduce you with an in-depth interview and exclusive photoshoot of the star of upcoming sci-fi drama Little Joe, which earned her a Best
Actress award at Cannes last year. We guarantee that by the end of 2020 Emily will be the Next Big Thing…and you got to meet her fi rst right here in Empire Australasia magazine.
Let’s get started.

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