Elektor Mag – May-June 2022
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Learning From Mistakes

Writing an editorial means always being a few weeks ahead of your publication date. By the time you read these lines, I very much hope you have already seen the first signs of peace in Ukraine. And perhaps the discussions about COVID-19 measures and high incidence rates will have died down.
What does the news (much of it bad) from around the world have to do with electronics? In the last few months, we have all had to realize that our world is highly interconnected and globalized. Prior to the recent geopolitical issues and the COVID-19 crisis, things seemed to be going well for a few years in row! Even large corporations like the international carmakers had become so accustomed to the comfortable situation that few had a Plan B in the drawer just in case a global catastrophe emerged.
Once the current crises have been overcome, many companies will certainly not make the same mistakes again. Increased product availability and shorter transport routes — such things will take on a higher priority than simply securing the lowest price. This will also be good for the electronics industry.
In many areas of electronics, the steady upswing has weakened, but things are still moving forward — for example, in the Internet of Things, which is the main topic for this issue. My colleague Robert van der Zwan has put together some interesting infographics about this on page 60. Of course, we have a variety of background articles and interesting projects for you as well!
We’ll stay tuned.

Jens Nickel
International Editor-in-Chief, Elektor Magazine

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